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Data Center Decathlon

Welcome to the Data Center Decathlon – a competition for agency managers who must drive data center efficiency, consolidation and where possible, move workloads to the cloud. The key to this competition is FlexPod, an easy-to-use and deployable data center solution that reduces risk and lowers costs. FlexPod supports virtualized and non-virtualized workloads, provides for easy implementation from the smallest departmental system to the largest agency shared resource center. The key is easy management and orchestration of IT resources.

A true data center in a box, FlexPod integrates storage, networking and server assets to deliver virtualized compute resources wherever they are needed. It eases the transformation to the cloud, lowering costs and improving performance. Powered by three of the most visionary technology companies in the world – Cisco, NetApp and Intel, FlexPod revolutionizes today’s enterprise data center.

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